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Les Sorin


Kevin Parker's symphony

Tame Impala secures a spot in the pantheon of music history with Currents.

Every few years — or really decades, in this instance — an album comes along that achieves a sort of musical transcendence, gaining both popular appeal and critical acclaim. In their latest efforts, Tame Impala has managed to do just this, with an album that's electrified the hearts of music fans across the globe.

And for good reason. Lead vocalist Kevin Parker's talent as a producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist shines through in this crowning effort, introducing a more pop driven sound that marks a clear break from the band's previous work. While some long time fans of Tame Impala have criticized the album on these grounds, many agree that this latest work can also be seen as a natural evolution of the group's melancholy, disconnected sound.

From the lyrics to the soaring guitar solos to the beautiful connection between the songs, this album is a pleasure to listen to, start to finish.

While unique, Currents can be seen as a direct descendant of Tame Impala's preceding albums, drawing from the emotionally driven loneliness and melancholy of their previous work.